MOSOP Pledge Commitment to Proposed Development Initiative

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has pledged to pursue its development goals for the operation of an Ogoni Development Authority (ODA). The decision was reached yesterday at a Central Committee meeting of the movement held at the Peace and Freedom Center, Bori in Khana local government area of Rivers State.

The meeting which preceded a general congress in Gokana kingdom noted the deliberate neglect and under-development of the Ogoni area and urged the Ogoni people to support the initiative as the best and acceptable pathway to resolve three decades of Ogoni conflict with the oil industry.

Addressing the Central Committee,  President of MOSOP,  Fegalo Nsuke urged coordinators of MOSOP in the various kingdoms and villages to canvas continual grass roots support for the ODA. Nsuke said the operation of the ODA will create jobs, secure the future of the Ogoni people, Ogoni, bring about sustainable peace, security and increase revenue for the government at all levels.

“As kingdom coordinators and leaders of MOSOP, you have a key responsibility to continually build and sustain support for the operation of the ODA as an acceptable path to resolve the Ogoni problem”

“Let us understand that the ODA is a pathway to infrastructural development, job creation, security and more. It aligns with the goals of our struggle and we have to push strongly for its operationalization.”

“You all know we have come a long way in building the confidence of the people in this process. Ultimately, it means that  our focus should be on what is best for the people.” Nsuke said yesterday.

He further noted that Ogoni has to move forward by using peaceful methods to address our problems. It is absolutely necessary that we focus on the solutions to our problems and not to sustain or escalate problems.” he said yesterday.

He assured the people that MOSOP will strongly push for the implementation of the Ogoni Development Authority and expressed optimism that the government of President Tinubu will be more accommodating to listen to the people’s wishes.

The Central Committee of MOSOP is the highest decision making organ of the movement. It is composed of representatives of 6 kingdoms of Ogoni, representatives of various MOSOP affiliates including youths, women, students, traditional rulers, church leaders, professionals and key stakeholders of the Ogoni struggle.

The Central Committee meets every month to deliberate on the future of the movement and set key policy guidelines.

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