MOSOP Vice Presidents, Chapter Leaders Condemn Gininwa Over Purported Swearing in of One Mike Lube-Nwidobie

The eight Vice Presidents and MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators along with chapter leaders of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) have condemned in strong terms the actions of Godwin N.K. Gininwa over the purported swearing-in of a group of miscreants led by one Mike Lube-Nwidobie as executives of MOSOP at his residence in Korokoro, Tai Local Government Area on Monday January 11, 2016.

In a statement issued today, the eight Vice Presidents and MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators, described the actions of Godwin N.K. Gininwa as a nullity, irresponsible and childish. They noted that Gininwa’s antecedents have clearly identified him as a friend of Shell whose interest is to shortchange Ogoni interests for his lucrative Shell business.

The statement further said: “MOSOP Coordinators hereby dissociates themselves from the activities of Gininwa and this fake group who is purportedly headed by one Mike Lube-Nwidobie and urges the Ogoni people to call the Korokoro chief to order before he plunges Ogoni into crises.

For the record, we put it that Godwin N.K. Gininwa does not have the capacity to swear-in any MOSOP executive either at chapter levels, affiliate or kingdom levels. We make bear that issues of MOSOP are far beyond the jurisdiction of a local or community chief and cannot be confined to the residence of a local Tai chief. We warn that Godwin N.K. Gininwa will be held responsible for any breach of peace in the Ogoni area or any injury done to anyone as a result of his actions.

Our expectation of any community head is the promotion of peace and not an association with fraudulent personalities to forment trouble in our communities. We therefore condemn his association with a fraudulent Mike Lube-Nwidobie. We see this action as unfortunate and note that by this action, the credibility and integrity of Godwin N.K. Gininwa has been seriously put to question.

We urge the general public to distance themselves from Godwin N.K Gininwa, Mike Lube-Nwidobie on issues relating to MOSOP and the Ogoni as they are a bunch of irresponsible persons acting without the authority of MOSOP or the Ogoni people.

We also pledge our commitment to MOSOP under the leadership of our re-elected president, Legborsi Saro Pyagbara and urge the Ogoni people to give their continuous support.

God Bless Ogoniland.

Miigbara W. Tanee (Coordinator, Babbe Kingdom, Chairman)
Kanyone Gbaranen (Coordinator, Ban Ogoi, Secretary)
Gideon Amba (Coordinator, Eleme Kingdom,)
Friday Nlekawa (Coordinator, Tai Kingdom)
Isreal Sor (Coordinator, Ken Khana)
Lemon Isaac (Coordinator, Gokana)
Sylvanus Nkinanee (Coordinator, Nyo-Khana)
Adamgbo Sylvanus (Coordinator, Bori National Territory)

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