MOSOP: We’re Committed to Resolving Ogoni Crisis

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has declared its commitment in resolving the Ogoni problem, which has affected oil exploration in the area in the last three decades. The group noted that the time has come for a lasting solution. MOSOP’s President, Fegalo Nsuke, who spoke to journalists in Port Harcourt, said that the Ogoni want a permanent solution to the problem in the area even though the Federal Government had at various times aggravated the conditions that led to MOSOP’s agitation. Nsuke said:”The present leadership of MOSOP believes that leadership is about solving problems and not escalating them. Against this backdrop, we commenced constructive engagement, dialogue, and conversations with relevant stakeholders … towards dispute resolution and progressive development of Ogoni.

“We want to assure the Nigerian government and the Ogoni people that we are strongly committed to the goal of achieving a permanent resolution of the Ogoni problem and we will strongly defend our positions. “Many of you are fully aware of the present state of affairs in Ogoni and the difficult conditions in which our people live – the extreme unemployment and lack of opportunities, the dearth of infrastructure including schools, roads, healthcare, electricity and so on. “Since 1993 (some 30 years ago), an estimated proven daily oil production capacity of 500,000 barrels per day has remained confined to the ground, stranded, redundant and undeveloped, while the people of the Ogoni walk that same ground in abject poverty, yet with abundant resources to create tremendous value and wealth trapped under their feet.

“This cruel irony had been due to a myriad of historic conflicts and disagreement with the legacy operator, Shell Petroleum development Company(“SPDC”), the facts of which are well known and documented for posterity. “I am glad to inform you that we have made material progress in reshaping the psyche and orientation of our people to be resolution focused, hinged on the sustainable development of the Ogoni Communities. “It is in this regard that I brief you today to explain our proposed solutions that will create the conducive atmosphere necessary for the sustainable development of Ogoni.” The MOSOP president added that the Ogoni demands as outlined in the Ogoni Bill of Rights, are essentially issues of under- development in Ogoniland, noting that addressing it would require a massive injection of funds into Ogoniland.

He added: “These funds cannot be expected to come from outside Nigeria or from other parts of the country when our Ogoni lands have capacity to generate the funds needed for its development. “It is on this basis that we have proposed a win- win situation through the operationalization of our proposed development plan to drive the economic transformation in Ogoni. This will generate massive revenue for the government, restore peace in Ogoni and the investors will equally be protected. “Furthermore, addressing the Ogoni problem appropriately will encourage the non-violent strategy of the Ogoni people and this is very important for our national security.”

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