Ogoni Development Plan Will Recover Your Future – MOSOP President Tell Ogoni Youths

Ogoni Development Plan Will Recover Your Future – MOSOP President Tell Ogoni Youths

President of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Fegalo Nsuke, says the hope of a better future for Ogoni people lies in the operation of MOSOP’s proposed development plan. Fegalo Nsuke told the coordinators of the National Youth Council of Ogoni People, NYCOP, at an interactive meeting in Giokoo, Gokana local government area on Saturday that MOSOP’s development plans are a guarantee for a secured future for the Ogoni youths. 

“The operation of the ODA (Ogoni Development Authority), will attract employment, quality education, security, infrastructural development, quality health care and that is a guarantee for a secure and better future for Ogoni”

“If we can guarantee quality education, healthcare, security, employment, infrastructural development and much more by achieving the goals of the ODA, then,  there will be no limits to our development potentials” Nsuke said.

The MOSOP president urged Ogoni youths to brace up for a new beginning assuring them of MOSOP’s determination to pursue the cause of development until it is achieved.

“Our goal from the beginning has been the pursuit of development and we have now been able to chart a path to that goal.  Let us commit to it and victory is sure” he said. 

He urged the youths not to betray their land and the people noting that Ogoni will be relying on their patriotism to achieve the goals of the founding fathers.

Nsuke further urged Ogoni youths not to be deterred by distractions noting that the distractions are normal in a struggle to change the story of a people who had been condemned to the pit of underdevelopment.

“Do not be worried about distractions, darkness will always conflict with light, evil will always fight good, so distractions should be expected. I urged you all to remain focused on the goals of changing the Ogoni story in our collective interest” Nsuke said. 

He further urged the Ogoni youths to keep in mind that the sacrifices of the martyrs should not be in vain.

“I want you to find time to read the Ogoni Bill of Rights, you will find that it’s a revolt against underdevelopment. Carefully read the ODA and you will see a practically enforceable future of Ogoni “.

“We have had a very costly struggle, sacrificed some 4,000 lives in our quest to regain our place in society and we must press on strongly at this time with a readiness to win a good life for our people. That is the goal of our development efforts and the very essence of the ODA”

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, MOSOP, had proposed an Ogoni Development plan as an acceptable pathway to resolve the Ogoni crisis. The proposal had been officially submitted to the federal government under president Muhammadu Buhari, but there has been no official government response to the Ogoni demands. 

MOSOP is demanding a commitment to Ogoni development as of right and remains confident that its proposal is the most practical approach to resolve the Ogoni problem. 

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