Ogoni Group Condemn Assasination Attempt on Needam

A Local pressure group has denounced an attempt on the life of Jerry Needam, the chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party. Two police officers were killed on Tuesday during the onslaught at the Port Harcourt home of Needam, who is also the Rivers State spokesperson of the party.

A private security guard, who was wounded during the gun battle, is currently receiving medical attention at an undisclosed hospital in Port Harcourt.

“It’s surprising that at a time our people ought to come together, reason together and close ranks against known and unknown forces whose only interest in the State is to run the State economy aground by planting seeds of discord among her citizenry, our people have inadvertently subscribed to such barbaric and alien lifestyle,” said Batombari Ledogo, National Coordinator of the Ogoni Ethnic Nationality.

“Just this Tuesday, did it come to our notice that the devil incarnates for the umpteenth time stormed into the Port Harcourt residence of Pastor Jerry Needam, an illustrious son of Ogoniland heavily armed, shooting at anything that caught their sight, while attempting to force their way into his living room.”

Ledogo said his organisation therefore made bold to say the attack and attempt were ‘uncalled for, evil, condemnable and unacceptable’ to the Ogoni people.

“Anymore of such action whether directed to Pastor Jerry Needam or any other Ogoni son to us, tantamounts to a declaration of war. On no account should the weapons acquired by their owners for whatever reason be used to test their efficacy on an Ogoni son no matter what.”

It was said to be a third attempt on Needam’s life. No arrests had been made.

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