Ogoni Hit by Fresh Oil Spill, MOSOP Blame Shell

Fresh oil spills this morning (August 3, 2022) hit the Bodo community in Gokana local government of Ogoni. The spills affected residential areas and community dwellers have been asked to evacuate to avoid massive deaths in case of a fire says a statement by the president of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsue.

Nsuke reports that eye witness reports say the spills suddenly erupted within the residential area of the community which strongly suggests an equipment failure. MOSOP blames Shell for this spill and urges the company to take full responsibility to put out the spills, alleviate its impact on the community, curtail its spread and commence proper remediation and compensation as expected and in accordance with global best practices.
This morning’s oil spill threatens the survival of thousands of residents.
This massive spill is occurring 11 years after the UNEP released a damning report exposing Shell”s devastation of the Ogoni environment and on a day the Shell Petroleum Development Company is having an unannounced meeting with some government paid chiefs in Port Harcourt to cement its plot to reenter the Ogoni oilfields despite an overwhelming Ogoni objection, a move MOSOP has described as a divide and conquer strategy with potentials to spark off internal conflicts.
We have communicated with community leaders to cooperate with investigations and ensure that every detail about this spill is communicated to our secretariat as soon as possible.
We will further brief you on this issue in due course.

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