Revealed: Olu Anda Wai-Ogosu is Not an Ogoni. Shocking Revelations Suggest He Has No Ogoni Ancestry

The controversies thrown by the recent contraption announced by some desperate HYPREP merchants notably Legborsi Pyagbara and Prof. Ben Naanen which raised some alarm alleging changes in the leadership of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, MOSOP, has started raising some controversies leading to some very serious allegations within Ogoni. This follows a revelation which strongly suggest that Engr Olu Andah Wai-Ogosu, the man who was named to be the new MOSOP president may not be an Ogoni and the whole charade announcing Engr Wai Ogosu was a fraudulent connivance in a desperate attempt to unseat the incumbent president of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke whose core intention is to bring about a permanent solution to the Ogoni problem.

The connivance against Nsuke, the seventh attempt, has suffered a very devastating blow to its sponsors as investigations suggest that Wai-Ogosu may not be an Ogoni. In a press statement in reaction to a publication by Legborsi Pyagbara, Nsuke had accused some Ogonis of plotting against his leadership because of his insistence on development in Ogoni which threatens the business of MOSOP which has become well known.

One of the strongest evidence to support this position is the fact that Engr Olu Andah Wai-Ogosu is said to have buried his father his late son, mother, elder brother and wife outside Ogoni. According to Ogoni traditions, this raises serious questions about his Ogoni origin.

One source which challenged Wai-Ogosu on clarifications said Engr Wai-Ogosu cannot claim he is an Ogoni if no member of his family will be buried in Ogoni.  “If Wai-Ogosu is an Ogoni, he should point to the grave of his father, mother, wife and that of his late son anywhere in Ogoni.”.

“If you come from somewhere and reside in Ogoni, you think people do not know you and you will be smart to assume positions, cause troubles and act unruly. Now he is exposed.” the source said.

“Why did Wai-Ogosu bury his father, mother, wife, and son outside Ogoni?” a very close source which preferred to remain anonymous said.

The Ogoni people are very unique in belief and traditions including their pride in their ancestral lineages. Investigations on Wai-Ogosu suggest that his history lay credence to these suspicions.

When contacted, a key member of MOSOP in Eleme Kingdom who preferred to remain anonymous said Ogosu is not a member of MOSOP and even if he registers today,  he will still not be eligible to contest the presidency of MOSOP.

He noted that the presidency of MOSOP is not under contention and declared continuous support for the development plans of MOSOP championed by its current leadership under Fegalo Nsuke.

He noted that Wai-Ogosu is being projected by HYPREP merchants who are poised to return to the Governing Council of the Board of Trustees of HYPREP. 

He further noted further that their plans will fail this time as any attempt to usurp the privileges of MOSOP and the people this time will not be allowed like before and those rights and privileges must be reclaimed.

Fegalo Nsuke, the current president of MOSOP is said to have frustrated Legborsi Pyagbara’s plans to remain in office beyond 2018. Our investigations reveal that Pyagbara was rusticated from the University of Port Harcourt and attracted the sympathy of a former president of MOSOP who employed him as a program officer.

Pyagbara appeared to have taken MOSOP as his only hope and would do all within his powers to remain in office. But Fegalo Nsuke who at the time served as publicity secretary of MOSOP and member of the MOSOP Central Committee joined other members of the committee which led to the composition of an electoral committee for the conduct of elections on October 3, 2019. Nsuke eventually became so popular in the movement as a result and won the elections conducted at the organization’s secretariat on December 19, 2018.

Pyagbara appeared to have sworn to fight and frustrate Nsuke’s leadership and in March 2024, connived with some of his allies who were the key beneficiaries of the Ogoni cleanup program to form a parallel leadership under Wai-Ogosu.

The Wai-Ogosu plot will be the seventh attempt to unseat Nsuke. Pyagbara had been linked with several attempts to pull down Nsuke who continue to enjoy overwhelming support with the grassroots in Ogoni.

At the time of writing, Wai-Ogosu’s views could not be sought. We will further update you with reactions and comments on this post.

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