Sacking of Prof. Ben Naanen’s Committee is Irrevocable – MOSOP, Accuses Committee of Compromises

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People says its stand on the sacking of the Prof. Ben Naanen Care Taker Committee stands irrevocable. Chairman of the Coordinators Forum Jonah Frank made this known today in a press release made available to Ogoninews.

He said the circumstances leading to the action has to do with actions taken by the committee against the interest of the Ogoni people.

He explained that “how can a committee set up to pursue the interest of Ogoni people start holding secret meetings with Shell and will not communicate the outcome to Ogoni people. This is a serious issue as the interest of the Ogoni are seriously compromised by these actions”.

“We are seeing Shell gradually return to Ogoni and this committee had been silent. Even the Gberemene of Gokana had complained about Shell’s recent attitude in Ogoni but this committee had been silent on these indicating the committee’s calousness and clearly pointing to very serious compromises” the statement says.

“We have lost confidence in this committee and the best action is to disolve it which is what we have done”.

“A committee of MOSOP that can keep silent when Ogoni is on fire and people are being killed by government sponsored attacks, as we see in Sogho, is not acting in the interest of Ogoni people”.

He further accused the committee members of turning MOSOP into business. “These people have started registering businesses preparatory to the commencement of the Ogoni UNEP report implementation. Infact, recently at the All Saints Cathedral, Prof. Ben Naanen had said that the Ogoni people wouldn’t accept Abuja contractors”, a clear indication of where his interest lies.

He noted that the Ogoni congress had seriously taken these into consideration and decided that only a change in leadership can bring decency and restore the pride of Ogoni people in MOSOP.

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