Sen. Abe Pledges to Unite Rivers People

The governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Rivers State, Senator Magnus Abe, had declared that if elected into office in 2023 as governor, his administration will unite the people of the state.

Abe made the declaration while addressing a town hall meeting at the palace of Chief Victor Odili, the Onwa of Ndoni in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government area of Rivers State.

He said: “The first thing that we plan to do is that we must bring Rivers people together. If people are not interested, can they make progress? If we are teaching each other to hate each other, to pull down others, to tear each other’s posters, to fight each other and we are buying guns to kill one another will the state progress?

“The first thing we must do is that we must bring Rivers people together in peace, in love with a firm commitment that we are going to make tomorrow better than today.

“If we work together and we are united, the Kalabari man is working with the Ogoni man the Ogoni man is working with, the Hausa man in Rivers State, the Hausa man is working with the Igbo man, the Igbo man is working with the Ogba man, the Ogba man is working with the Obolo man, the Obolo man is working with the Wakirike man, the Wakirike man is working with the Asa people, the Asa people are working with the Ndoki people.

“If all of us work together, would there be any problem in Rivers state that we cannot solve? Would there be anything that will confront us that we cannot work together and look for the solution to that problem? We will unite the state, we will end bitterness, acrimony injustice and hatred.

“We will pass laws that are fair to everybody and we will take out those laws that target other people.”

The SDP governorship candidate said the days have gone when one person would sit in his house or office to write the result of an election, saying the 2023 general election will be one man, one vote.

Abe said: “As we all know next year, by now, the kind of noise that is going on in Rivers State, even the deaf has heard that there will be elections next year, even the blind can see that there will be election next year.

“Even those who have absolutely no interest in politics know that next year election will be different from every other election in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, because the laws have change.

“More important, with the changing of the laws, the people of Nigeria have changed they now know the importance of elections, and they all want to vote next year because they know that their votes will count.

“In the elections of 2023, it will he one man one vote, one woman one vote, one youth one vote, one governor one vote, one Senator one vote, one driver one vote, one farmer, one vote, one vulcanizer one vote, one honourable one vote, everybody would be counted.

“Those elections that we use to do where one person will carry the result sheet and go and write for everybody, at the end of the day when they get into office they now answer all of you.

“Before, when we do election in this country, some people will carry the result sheet and go and write, when they enter into the office they now answer all of you, any money that comes into the state is for all of you, anything that comes into the state is for all of you, when employment comes it’s for all of you, when they want to pass the law, the law is for all of you, at the end of the day you will get nothing.”

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