The Next Leader – By Dr Anderson Ngbobu

The next generational leader of MOSOP-USA should be prepared, in the real sense of preparation. 

The first generation leaders of MOSOP set the struggle on rock foundation. 

I agree partially with the claim that Ken Saro-wiwa and his co-founders have done everything. In their wisdom, they set the pace. But it needs constant attention and reviewing. The reason is that there was no exact time frame for this well planned journey. 

It was very clear it wasn’t a sprint. It is a movement that can be referred to as exodus. For many of us who are familiar with the Jewish story and culture in the Bible, it took them over four hundred years (400yrs).

For the African Americans, we can all see for ourselves that the struggle for survival is on. 

These two groups of people had something to do with authorities whose laws are sometimes acknowledged. 

Nigeria has inoperable laws. The issues at stake are different. The world today is different. The times are different. The people are different and outright dishonest.

Our movement for survival started in a military environment. The military impact is very much there but is masked and gowned in civilian cloaking.

So, the majority of us in MOSOP-USA especially are mesmerized. We are thrown off balance.

This is the reason we continue to think and act ab initio. “As it was from the beginning, is now, and….”

MOSOP was joined by the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), Centre for Democracy (CD), Afenifere, a pan-Yoruba organization; etc. 

They are out of the trenches, and they have produced two presidents. They have produced a VeePee. Those international organizations that backed us initially are left in the dark and confused about who we are and what we want.

MOSOP-USA leaders should be told that doing what we use to do as exemplified is Atlanta, Georgia in November 2023 can not, in fact, can never cut the deal. Running all over the planet saying they want to bribe MOSOP-USA is the height of disrespect. (And do herein apologize for the massive error. I apologize for wasting  these honorable men and the royalties for our lack of understanding and appreciation of the season).

It should be informed properly that all our leaders of yore were politicians at different levels; some active, others not too active….

The incident of November 10, 2023 or thereabout is  another big dent on our collective struggle that the next MOSOP-USA leadership  must avoid. 

Our Ogoni Royal Highnesses, high calibre senators, the elects, and other dignitaries left their homes and businesses to pay homage for the departed. Their regards for the Ogoni cause made them stressed themselves out to come to the 2023 Nov conference. 

I understand it’s not easy to invite and to gather these great men and women. It was difficult 

We should have sat down with them and listened. We should have presented our side of the story. Probably there would have been a compromise between us. The talk would have opened the way to explore more as we all reason together. No one knows all; no one has all the solutions to our myriad of environmental issues. 

What did the hosts who invited them do? Ignored them.  Shut them off. Then, made unimaginable derogatory comments about them. That the visitors had planned to “umaro dikko”, that is to kidnap the executives, put them into the crate and ship them to Abuja to face the “music.” That the invitees were did plan to bribe the executives and stoll the protest March.

Those invited are our people. They also have the chance and best interest to serve Ogoni. How can we have such a small mind to condemn them just for reasons that they are politicians.

I want to state clearly that no project in Ogoni land can go behind them; whether or not they initiated it.

In any case, if they are not doing well, it’s our fault.  

We have isolated them. We have ostracized them in the vain, believe that they are corrupt and bad, and don’t mean well to Ogoni. 

We hate them. And they are afraid of us. So, there’s this unmutual distrust that serves our enemies’ purpose. The enemies want us perpetually in conflict. If we produce a unified front, with our population and our exposures, we can make it. This is one reason we can’t produce a governor in a state we claim to be in the majority. 

The next set of leaders should learn to adapt and grow in the political process in Nigeria. NADECO did that. Afenifere did that. 

Nigeria is not waiting for Ogoni. Ogoni, no matter what, can’t obtain what we’re demanding in one day or at an instant. It would be gradual. 

The next MOSOP-USA leadership must utilize their heads, minds, and expertise to navigate a good course for the struggle.

If they operate the same way, then Ogoni is the loser. The new set has to be pragmatic. They have to realize “democracy.” We may not like the way it is run. We are not opting out of Nigeria.  We’ve got to learn and definitely understand how to work with other people. There are other oil-producing indigenous tribes in the Niger Delta. They’re affected socially, economically, and environmentally as we. 

Understand that the struggle for survival (and maybe significance) may go into the  generations. 

Dr. Anderson Ngbobu is former president of the United States affiliate of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP-USA). He wrote from New England.

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