UN Habitat Promises To Tackle Flood In Nigeria

The United Nations Habitat Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr Raymond Edoh has reiterated his commitment in tackling environmental challenges confronting the country.

Dr Edoh stated this in an interview with journalists in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

According to the Ambassador, his office has carried out some projects in recent times which are all aimed at addressing environmental challenges in Nigeria.

“We are in touch with the formal minister of environment, we did whole lot, most especially in the Ogoni region of the Niger-Delta region of the country.”

He noted that flood is a global issue which is as a result of global warming.

“You know climate issue or challenges is not something you eradicate in a day but due to a change in government, we were on hold a little but now that the Ministers will be coming in, hopefully in two weeks from now, by the special grace of God, we are going to hit that hard,” he said.

He further appealed to Nigerians to be patient as the UN in collaboration with the Nigerian Government are unlently working on making lives easy for them and their environment.

“As I said earlier, Nigerians are very resilient people, we have always been very patient people.”

The United Nations Habitat Ambassador, Dr Edoh reasured Nigerians that as soon as the government takes shape in the coming weeks, his office will be unveiling whole lots of projects for the government to help the people.

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